“EXP” is short for “experience”, defined by the dictionary as alived situation, regarded as exceptional or striking, but also as the acquisition of knowledge by the test of things either by means of the senses or by means of consciousness.

This double definition is the matrix of EXP SNOWBOARD, the discovery of a unique universe of sensations, commitment, sharing and freedom – Thanks to the development of powerful products, adapted to the different terrains, disciplines and practitioners of this sport.

I have been skiing since I was a child : slalom, giant, jumps, chamois, arrows – I even practiced monoski once.

I discovered snowboarding in the late 80’s in Auron (Southern French Alps). From memory, I immediately hooked on a Hot One Sixty with my ski boots I bought my first “Hot Revolution” boots at Adrenaline Surfing shop Alain Mira (Tonton) and I continued to surf the snow and progress. The hardware has evolved and so my level.

Then I discovered the competition, the slaloms, the giants, the parallels and finally the boarder-cross, the friendly, festive and cool atmosphere of the PACA regional circuit and the less friendly circuit of the national and European circuit.

I decided to share the SNOWBOARD EXPERIENCE to as many people as possible.