Choose your snowboard

To choose a perfect board for your practice, it is essential to define what is your ride style, what do you do mainly when you are on your board.

The ALL MOUNTAIN Freeride: your playground, the mountain in its entirety. You like carving on the track, jumping kicks in the park, venture into the forest, trace in a hallway. What you are looking for is the absolute versatility.

The ALL MOUNTAIN Freestyle: You spend your time riding snowparks, you chained the runs on the kicks or on the rails. You like to ride in switch and make all the tricks possible. You also enjoy riding on slopes, off piste and backcountry.

Freeriding: you like to evolve outside the marked trails. Powder snow is your favorite terrain.

CARVING/BOARDER: you move on the track or in the SBX courses, you like turns cut and chained, but also jumps and snowboards nervous and responsive.